Who we are

We are a group of friends and colleagues who have one passion: kiteboarding. With this common factor we come together to work on a project whose purpose is the opportunity to have fun practicing the sport we love and spread it to our customers while maintaining the highest quality in teaching and making this risky sport an activity suitable for the whole family, ensuring at all times to comply with all security protocols

We create a pleasant, participatory and fun environment, so that all our students learn this exciting sport immersed in a kitersurfers atmosphere and have an unforgettable experience.

Our training team is composed by graduates in the International Kiteboarding Organization ( IKO ) and the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation ( RFEV ) professionals with extensive experience in kiteboarding. They are in charge of customizing courses provided according to the needs of each student or group. All of them are vocational monitors and each lesson is taken as a personal challenge, they will put all their enthusiasm in making you enjoy the sensations of kite boarding, never forgetting your safety.

WATERPROOF KITE SCHOOL” is active all year , and we impart our kite surf courses every day of the week. To ensure the best service, we drive to the beach most suited for kite surfing, taking into account the wind conditions. There will also be trips to other beaches located both in Andalusia and in the Portuguese Algarve.